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Vertical & horizontal Supply Unit

Where a patient area requires essential services such as medical gases and power, the supply units offer a much neater alternative to the traditional mounting directly to the wall. All the services are contained in a purpose built unit designed to maintain segregation between services and ensuring long term access for maintenance.


The horizontal units use a modular construction and can be configured to suit all requirements from simple areas to the most intensive areas such as critical care.  The units are supplied as standard with either two or three sections and more can be added as necessary however the unique design ensures the size is kept to an absolute minimum.  Integral general lighting and reading lighting can be easily be added where required and units can be either back fed or supplied with a separate surface mounted riser section.


The Mediwall is a vertical bedhead unit which can be tailored to suit individual user requirements and offers a simple, stylish solution to deliver all the essential services to the patient.  Units are supplied fully assembled and can either be pre wired for power or pre piped for medical gases off site to minimise installation time.  Accessories such as medical rail, infusion poles and examination/reading lighting brackets can be added as required and where are a large number of services are required, a ‘Wide’ version is available to ensure that the units can meet all project requirements.