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Enhanced Bedhead Supply Units

With a warmer, less clinical patient environment in mind, we offer a stylish range of supply units to compliment the interior design of a room. These can be tailored to individual project requirement to greatly enhance the patient space whilst maintaining functionality.


The Firenze unit is designed to blend in seamlessly with the interior design of the room. Positioning of the services down the side of the unit ensures visual impact is kept to an absolute minimum whilst maintaining functionality for patient and staff. Front fascia panels can be chosen from a selection of colours or wood grain finishes with bespoke graphic panels also available.

Milan Bedhead

Milan bedhead panels can be supplied in any size to suit the room and user requirements. Fascia panels can be chosen from a large selection of finishes and styles to compliment the interior design of the room. Medical supply units are supplied configured to client specification and in a range of standard colours to further compliment the panel and room design. Where panels are designed for more intensive areas of use, accessory poles and medical rail can be fitted where required.

Verona Bedhead

Where aesthetics are important to the interior design but the services are used more often, the Verona is the ideal choice. A single horizontal supply unit tailored to client specification is fitted to the front of the unit with surrounding laminate panels. Finishes for both supply unit and panels can be chosen from a wide range.