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Media Bridges & Beam Systems

For operating theatres and some instances of critical care where a pendant system is not suitable or preferred a media bridge or beam system may be an alternative. In an operating theatre, the media bridge allows services to be positioned around each side of the Ultraclean canopy whilst in intensive or critical care the nature of the beam system allow the services to be positioned without impacting on patient care.

Modulflex 2500

The Moduflex 2500 beam system incorporates all the services onto the beam itself ensuring the services are mounted in a convenient and accessible position for the staff. Equipment carriers can be fitted to the beam which allows a large range of accessories including shelves, IV Poles and monitor brackets to be mounted. Indirect and direct lighting can also be incorporated into the beam.

Modulflex Nova

The moduflex nova beam system is ideal for critical care areas. Using a fully enclosed system to conceal all the services ensures the most hygienic design. Service columns that are designed to suit each individual requirement can be either directly mounted in the beam or alternatively on an additional extension arm to allow maximum flexibility. Indirect and direct lighting can also be incorporated to ensure the system fully integrates into the patient environment.


Designed specifically for theatres using an ultraclean canopy systems, services can be mounted on the media bridge which is fitted around the periphery of the clean zone ensuring services are as close as possible. The media bridge can either be single, two, three or four sided as required and can be fitted with optional equipment carriers to which a large range of accessories can be mounted. The carriers can be moved around each side of the media bridge to ensure the maximum flexibility for the staff.