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Pendant Systems

For areas where patients require a higher level of care such as critical care units or intensive care units, ceiling mounted pendant systems deliver the essential services directly to the patient eliminating the need for trailing leads or cables back to the wall. All pendant systems are configured to suit user requirements with a full range available from standard rigid pendants to full articulated multimovement type. A full range of accessories is available to mount to the pendants as required.


Multimovement type pendants feature a fully configurable service column mounted to an arm system.  The service column can be configured to suit individual requirement for medical gases, power and data and can be fitted with a large range of accessories from shelves and infusion poles to monitor brackets and hose clips.  The arm system is configurable to suit and uses electromagnetic or pneumatic brakes to hold the service console in position.  The arm system can hold loads of up to 1000kg and are available in a range of standard lengths with vertical lift available as a further option.

Rigid and Retractable

Rigid and retractable pendants offer a cost effective solution where an articulated pendant may not be practical or affordable. Rigid pendants deliver services in a fixed height ceiling column with services installed to suit user requirements.  Retractable pendants are a telescopic ceiling column and can be lowered by 300mm to allow easier access to services.