Choosing The Best Medical Lighting

Author: Lip Medical
Date: 03 05 2018

Choosing medical lighting seems an incredibly difficult task. Not only does the solution need to be highly-effective, flexible, and easy to install, but it also needs to be user-friendly for both the clinician.

After all, medical lighting is worthless if it cannot perform well in both time-restricted and high-stake situations.

This is what makes it crucial to use specialist medical lighting built by companies who know exactly what healthcare professionals and the people they treat need. Even better if it comes from a business that has extensive experience working with leading establishments and advising the best of the best on everything from clinical lighting to bespoke medical furniture.

So, from task lighting for simple examinations to full operating lamps with video integration, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular, practical, and patient-focused medical lighting options we currently offer.

Examination Lights


When choosing an examination light, there are certain boxes it must tick — manoeuvrability, precision, clarity, etc. The Hugo LED Examination light, a lamp with a 100 percent success rate when demonstrated or submitted for approval, was specially designed to meet every one of these criteria and more.

An examination light built to carry out clinical examinations and even minor surgeries, the main feature of the Hugo is its high-quality LED light source that delivers a bright, uniform spot. With its light intensity of 50,000 Lux at 0.5m and life expectancy of 45,000 hours, it’s ideal for every application from consulting rooms and intensive care units to A&E and neonatal departments. However, what makes it particularly effective is its flexibility and range of options — including ceiling, wall, rail, pole and mobile — that make it incredibly easy for clinicians to work with.

For example, the arm system uses a patented ‘clutch’ lock that holds the lamp in the exact position you need it, without requiring any manual adjustment during use. With a reach of 1200mm, this allows for full coverage of the couch without the installation of a medical rail and adjusting wall position.


Overhead Lighting


Patient lighting is paramount when encouraging a speedy recovery or simple creating a more comfortable environment. This is why we offer a range of overhead lighting to suit every room and user requirements.

LiP Medical`s Enhanced bed head supply panels can include integrated lighting to create ambient backlighting around the periphery of the panel in either a standard white or full RGB colour. These lights can be controlled both remotely using a tablet or smartphone or with controls mounted within the unit. The options with the integrated panel lighting are endless; they include optional movement sensors to the underside of the unit to provide low-level lighting as a guide when room lighting is limited or off.

Find out more about our Bespoke Medical Furniture.

The Hugo Ambience overhead light fixes above the patient bed using minimal surface area, without compromising on lighting. It is designed specifically for modern healthcare rooms with focus on the stylish minimalist design as well as the fantastic performance.

The Hugo Ambience light provides lighting 2-ways, lower illumination for the bed, perfect for patient reading and other evening activities. The upper illumination lights the room, both are controllable by the patient along with a nurse calling system. Medical staff can also control this light centrally, either by the entrance or on the bedhead unit.

Lip Medical can help provide the best lighting solution for all areas of healthcare, contact us to for more information.