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Modulflex 2500

The Moduflex 2500 beam system incorporates all the services onto the beam itself ensuring the services are mounted in a convenient and accessible position for the staff. Equipment carriers can be fitted to the beam which allows a large range of accessories including shelves, IV Poles and monitor brackets to be mounted. Indirect and direct lighting can also be incorporated into the beam.

Modulflex Nova

The moduflex nova beam system is ideal for critical care areas. Using a fully enclosed system to conceal all the services ensures the most hygienic design. Service columns that are designed to suit each individual requirement can be either directly mounted in the beam or alternatively on an additional extension arm to allow maximum flexibility. Indirect and direct lighting can also be incorporated to ensure the system fully integrates into the patient environment.


Multimovement type pendants feature a fully configurable service column mounted to an arm system.  The service column can be configured to suit individual requirement for medical gases, power and data and can be fitted with a large range of accessories from shelves and infusion poles to monitor brackets and hose clips.  The arm system is configurable to suit and uses electromagnetic or pneumatic brakes to hold the service console in position.  The arm system can hold loads of up to 1000kg and are available in a range of standard lengths with vertical lift available as a further option.