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The Mediwall is a vertical bedhead unit which can be tailored to suit individual user requirements and offers a simple, stylish solution to deliver all the essential services to the patient.  Units are supplied fully assembled and can either be pre wired for power or pre piped for medical gases off site to minimise installation time.  Accessories such as medical rail, infusion poles and examination/reading lighting brackets can be added as required and where are a large number of services are required, a ‘Wide’ version is available to ensure that the units can meet all project requirements.

Milan Bedhead

Milan bedhead panels can be supplied in any size to suit the room and user requirements. Fascia panels can be chosen from a large selection of finishes and styles to compliment the interior design of the room. Medical supply units are supplied configured to client specification and in a range of standard colours to further compliment the panel and room design. Where panels are designed for more intensive areas of use, accessory poles and medical rail can be fitted where required.

Minor Ops Lights – DIASYS

The DIASYS is a minor surgical light composed of a 4-LEDs module. There’s no need for a
switch, as soon as the DIASYS is moved, it will switch on automatically. At the end of the procedure, the light needs to be oriented towards the ceiling to be automatically switched off. Thanks to the patented Motion-Matic technology, the light will switch off automatically after 30 minutes without any movement.
The DIASYS becomes a resolutely modern light, oriented towards ecology and sustainable development and is available as either Wall, Ceiling or Mobile.