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Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

The Comfort Unit supplied by LiP Medical was the ideal solution and was selected for the refurbishment offering a functional medical supply unit with a less clinical feel. Regardless of trying to achieve a less clinical feel, the units must always meet the relevant safety standards.

Client: Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

Salford Royal Hospital

The Milan unit from LiP Medical
was chosen by both client team
and design team as it offered the maximum flexibility to fit the design of the space whilst delivering the essential services to the patient.
LiP Medical worked closely with the project team to design a solution that met and exceeded their requirements.

Client: Salford Royal Hospital

Spire Parkway – Solihull

With limited space the decision was taken to supply an enhanced vertical bedhead supply unit with feature panel to allow the patient bed to sit between and allowing more space to manoeuvre around the room.

Client: Spire Parkway